Data Science meets Product, in one month.

Data is powering all kinds of products. Learn what are the factors that help you decide and communicate with different data teams, the landscape of ML-products for the next years and the possible impacts for your company.

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What is Data for Product Managers by One Month PM?

  • Basics to manage Data products

    A 30-day-live streamed course combining overall intuitions on data science field, practical sessions to help you on the decision making process without relying so much on technical teams. Join the program to learn from real examples and extend your PM skills (or become a Data Product Manager).

  • 8 hours of online product sessions

    In one session per week you'll learn what are the critical factors you need to be aware in a product that is being leveraged by data and ML, what to expect for the next years in field of AI and how this impacts the different products.

  • 3 hours of lunch & learn

    In a session per week, you'll have the opportunity to (i) learn from established Data & ML Product Builders to find out how they leverage data in their products, (ii) participate in hands-on sessions simulating the interaction between PM and Data teams and (iii) learn how to ask questions to your data.

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  • Week 1

    Data and Product

    In session 1 you will learn how data science goes together with product. This will be done through use cases covering multiple areas and data science skills to be able to deliver an overview of the space.

  • Week 2

    The workflow of a PM in a ML Product

    In session 2 you will learn the different steps in the workflow of typical ML products. You will understand when to use and not to use ML, the different alghoritms available to you and their business implications.

  • Week 3

    Machine Learning in 2021

    In session 3 you will learn what are the trends and what to expect on the field in the next years. We will cover the commoditization of ML and what are the possible impacts to be aware and how to decide.

  • Week 4

    Tools for a more independent role

    In session 4 you will learn how to use SQL and get your hands dirty on it to perform product analysis and support your decisions in a more independent way.

  • Lunch & Learn 1

    How can Data leverage Product?

    Join our guest to understand how to leverage Data and ML to help solving different problems and how to use concrete metrics for decisions in Data & ML Products

  • Lunch & Learn 2

    What are the critical factors in a ML Product?

    In this practice session you'll learn the most critical metrics, factors and business implications of some decisions while using ML models.

  • Lunch & Learn 3

    How to budget a ML product?

    In this practice session you participate on the decision making process of budgeting a cloud-solution for a ML product.

  • Lunch & Learn 4

    How to look for data insights?

    In this practice session you will learn how to ask questions to data and see how to get answers using SQL.

This course is for...

Product Managers or Product leaders

Product Managers willing to gain a competitive advantage in the decision process of Data-driven products and understand the Ws & Hs of incorporating Machine Learning in a product

Project Managers or Product Owners

If you're managing a project or a group of projects, or looking to gain knowledge around Data. You'll acquire the skills to take value from Data and Machine Learning, and superpower your projects.

Software Engineers & Developers

Engineers and software developers looking to better understand the relation between Product and Data teams to better work with their PM peers or simply improve their own product skills.

Anyone working around tech

If you work in tech or in a company where Data-driven products are key to its success, then knowing how to leverage Data and Machine Learning will improve your chances of being successful.

Entrepreneurs & company leaders

Anyone starting a company, managing an organization, or leading key functional areas where data-powered digital products are critical for their future success.

Anyone looking to change their career

One of the fastest career tracks right now is product management. This is a great place to start if you're looking to change industry, job, or simply need a new challenge.

Data products, at everyone's reach

We believe the best way to change the world is to make product management knowledge accessible and affordable. With Data for Product Managers by One Month PM you don't need to break the bank.

  • Limited spots available
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      7 hours of lectures
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      3 hours of Lunch & Learn
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      Practical exercises
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      Featured product leaders
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