Become an AI Product Manager

AI Product Management stands at the intersection of what AI can do and what users want to use. Learn it in a 100% live-streamed, one-month course that will equip you with the skills to manage AI and ML products.

What is AI Product Management by One Month PM?

A 30-day live-streamed course aimed at getting you started in AI Product Management. The program brings the expertise of a senior AI leader into product sessions, hands-on challenges and Q&A chats, so you learn how to deal with the rapidly expanding set of game-changing product experiences disrupting traditional software and human-computer interaction.

Meet your course instructor

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Senior Director of AI Research at Feedzai, the world’s first RiskOps solution, providing end-to-end protection from financial crime. Ex-Head of Data at Uniplaces, a VC-backed marketplace for student accommodation, and Data Science Senior Manager at Farfetch. Founding member and former Head of Curriculum at the Lisbon Data Science Academy, a non-profit organization dedicated to Data Science, 100% run by volunteers.

João Ascensão

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  • Week 1

    AI Product Basics

    This week you will learn AI and data science general concepts. You will also learn about what is the role of a product leader in shaping AI products, as well as how to approach products with an AI-mindset.

  • Week 2

    AI Problem Framing

    This week you will learn how to identify, explore and evaluate opportunities to embed AI in existing products and services. Then, you’ll learn about emerging AI native products that reimagine complete product experience with an AI-first approach, such as GitHub’s Copilot for software developers.

  • Week 3

    AI Product Development

    This week you will learn about the main stages of AI Product Development. You will find out the main differences vis-a-vis traditional product development and provide emerging best-practices to manage them.

  • Week 4

    Data Strategy

    This week you will learn about the importance of having a data strategy, how to approach it, and its critical elements. You'll understand how AI products rely on data as much as on source code to deliver consistently good product experiences.

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  • Completly worth 99€ for a No-Bulshit, Full of Revelant Examples (B2B & B2C) and Useful Tools course by talented Henrique Cruz. Recommend it!
    Mário Tarouca
  • I've learn a lot with this course. Amazing professor and amazing programme! Always very good sessions.
    Manuel Felgueiras
  • The perfect balance between theory and practical examples, delivered with singular structured thinking and communication. A must-do for every startup founder, 99€ incredibly well invested.
    Afonso Coimbra
  • A true eye opener. In One Month you are exposed to tailored content, new mindsets and frameworks and a lot of practical examples that are spot on and up-to-date. Rekindled the product spark in me.
    Clinton Jorge
  • A great way to connect the dots from the basics of growth marketing to acquisition loops, monetisation and measuring success. Contents are excellent and the weekly case studies crafted by Henrique Cruz are high quality. One Month PM is a great asset, keep it up!
    Andre Duarte
  • If you want to have a clear framework to work in Growth and be comfortable with all the concepts, this is the course for you! The content never disappoints and Henrique is a great speaker and brings lots of great examples to discussion (it's not only theory that you could find somewhere). And if you don't have the time for long courses, this is also for you (highly flexible and after work hours). Highly recommended!
    Filipe Castro Matos
  • A breath of fresh air. Finally a digestible and affordable online course with clear and practical advice. Henrique is a great professional.
    Matteo Casini
  • One Month PM is a great way to give new product or marketing managers the basis to plan for growth, and it enables experienced ones to refresh their knowledge and have fruitful discussions with their peers.
    Youssef Ben Ahmed

This course is for...

Anyone working around technology

If you work in tech or in a company where technology is core to its value, then AI will eventually flood everything you do. You want to be ready.

Data analysts and scientists

You already work with data. The next obvious step is knowing how to transform it in products that solve problems. Turn numbers into models, and models into game-changing experiences.

Product owners & Project Managers

Anyone working as a PO or managing a project, looking to learn new frameworks, gain knowledge, or acquire the skills to deal with AI or Machine Learning infused products.

UI / UX Designers

If you're working on human interface design, AI will eventually make part of your decision process. Understanding how to make decisions using this new intelligence will make you a strong UX thinker.

Entrepreneurs & company leaders

Anyone starting a company, managing an organization, or leading key areas where tech/digital products are critical for their future success will need to master AI concepts.

Anyone looking to change their career

One of the fastest career tracks right now is product management. This is a great place to start if you're looking to change industry, job, or simply need a new challenge.

Product + AI, at everyone's reach

We believe the best way to change the world is to make product management knowledge accessible and affordable. With AI Product Management you don't need to break the bank.

  • Limited spots available
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      10 hours of AI PM sessions
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      Hands-on challenges
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      Tools and Templates
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      Join a +700 slack community
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