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Become a Fullstack Product Manager

One Month PM offers fully live-streamed, hands-on Bootcamps that will equip you with the skills to build & manage digital products. 

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Our >2.000 alumni are saying...

Become a Full Stack Product Manager
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  • Unlimited Live Bootcamps

    Join our 4-week Bootcamps (12 hour programs) and master topics like AI, Growth, Leadership and more.

  • Unlimited Live Nano Bootcamps

    Join our 1-week skills Bootcamps, across areas like user interviewing, prototyping, A/B testing & more. πŸ”’ members-only.

  • Unlimited Live Masterclasses

    Join the weekly expert live conversations, bring your questions and learn how world-class operators run their products.

  • Access the πŸ”΄ recorded live sessions

    Don't miss out on live sessions and review what you learned with the live session recordings. πŸ”’ members-only.

  • Templates, Quizzes and Challenges

    Access each program's PM Templates, unlock graded quizzes & put in practice with multiple challenges. πŸ”’ members-only.

  • Access All Certificates & πŸŽ–οΈ Tracks

    Become trully Fullstack by adding multiple Certificates to your Linkedin and specializing with the Skills Tracks.

  • Members-only Programs & Events (coming soon)

    Get invited to Membership events, from AMA's to Goal Sessions, and Live Streams with special guests.πŸ”’ members-only.

  • Product Talent Network (coming soon)

    Members unlock a special recruiting hub, where our team helps with career and job introductions. πŸ”’ members-only.

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*The Product MBA is not included in the Membership. The Product MBA is purchased separately, and it includes a Lifetime Access to the Membership.

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Some of the best companies have partnered with us

  • "One Month PM has proven to be the type of training we needed for our PMs - especially the junior ones. It provided precisely the view of Product Management we want to instill at Smartex, where the PM work full-stack on all aspects of the Product. The courses tend to be super actionable and full of valuable examples that help to decrease the time-to-value of the learnings of the team. Couldn't recommend more!"

    AntΓ³nio Rocha, Co-Founder
  • "One Month PM is supporting our teams in the transition from a project to a product oriented organization. Andre and his team is doing an amazing job to provide upskilling with real-life examples and practical exercises."

    Christoph Jordan, Head of Data & Development
  • "ActivoBank had access to One Month PM (special intensive edition for corporate), and the training is of the highest quality! We were introduced to several frameworks to support decision-making, guided through the process of critical thinking in product management, and most importantly, the entire training is complemented with numerous practical cases from real companies, which help to solidify the knowledge. I highly recommend it!"

    Diogo Cruz, Head of Digital Marketing
  • β€œOne Month PM was the right bet for Mobileum to train our product teams and to ensure better collaboration and alignment between product, engineering and various business areas. AndrΓ© is an excellent trainer, with great energy and who brings lots of practical examples that turn the sessions into great moments of sharing and discussion”

    Bernardo Lucas, Chief Marketing & Strategy Officer
  • "As a VC platform manager (Maze), the multitude of paths I could take to support the entrepreneurs we back is infinite. With the One Month PM course, I was able to understand better the pains/gains/jobs from our founders and prioritize our efforts to meet them where they are."

    Cristina Almeida, Partner & Head of Platform

Our programs are for...

Anyone working around technology

If you work in tech or in a company where digital products are key to its success, then knowing about Product will prepare you for any challenge.

UI/UX designers

Designers and researchers looking to evolve from execution towards product strategy, or design team members looking to work better with PMs, PO's, and product leaders.

Product owners & Project Managers

Anyone working as a PO or managing a project, looking to learn new frameworks, gain knowledge, or acquire the skills to step up.

Software engineers and developers

Engineers and software developers looking to understand the product processes, better work with their PM peers or simply improve their own product skills.

Entrepreneurs & company leaders

Anyone starting a company, managing an organization, or leading key functional areas where technological and digital products are critical for their future success.

Anyone looking to change their career

One of the fastest career tracks right now is product management. This is a great place to start if you're looking to change industry, job, or simply need a new challenge.

Data analysts and scientists

Analysts & scientists working around data. Perfect to learn how business strategy affects what needs to be measured, new concepts and tactics to apply at work.

(Growth) Marketers

Anyone working in acquiring customers, and marketing to users and who want to learn the growth mindset applied by the best tech companies in the world

Aspiring Coders

People interested in how the development world works, but don’t know any specific code language, and want to learn new tricks and tactics to apply at work.

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