Become a Product Manager

The future is digital. Learn how to build it in a 100% live-streamed, hands-on, one-month course that will equip you with the skills to build & manage digital products.

What is Product Manager Foundations by One Month PM?

A 30-day live-streamed course aimed at getting you started in product management. The program combines product sessions, fireside chats, and a product simulation mimicking real-life challenges of a PM.

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Meet your course instructor

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Founder of One Month PM,, Former VP of Product at Kitch (acquired by Glovo). Invited Professor of Product Management at Católica Lisbon. Operator at Ex-Head of Product at Uniplaces, VC-backed digital student housing marketplace, and ex-Google. Product advisor at accelerators, startups, universities and outstanding operators. 

Andre Albuquerque

Check the course program

  • Session 1

    Problems, Opportunities & Customers

    In week 1 you'll learn how to assess problems, quantify opportunities, and measure risks. You'll understand what customer discovery is, and learn what your user is looking for.

  • Session 2

    Prototyping, Testing & Prioritising

    In week 2 you'll learn about the prototyping and testing process and how to get to your MVP. You'll discover how to prioritize and decide what features to build.

  • Session 3

    Vision, Strategy & Planning

    In week 3 you'll learn how to define your product vision and design the strategy to get there. Understand the secret sauce to build your product roadmap, and how to communicate it.

  • Session 4

    Executing, Measuring & Launching

    In week 4 you'll learn about the development process, agile methodologies, and execution of your roadmap. Start measuring success and define your launch strategy.

  • Lunch & Learn 1

    "What problem am I solving and for whom?"

    Join our fireside chat to learn how our guest tackles customer discovery, problem assessment, and decides what to build and for whom.

  • Lunch & Learn 2

    "How do I test my assumptions?"

    Join our fireside chat to learn how our guest manages the relationship between design and product, and how to deliver products that work.

  • Lunch & Learn 3

    "How do I align my vision with the team?"

    Join our fireside chat to learn how our guest aligns a vision between tech and product, and builds a strategy that results in product success.

  • Lunch & Learn 4

    "How do we actually ship stuff?"

    Join our fireside chat to learn how our guest goes from roadmap to execution, gets products shipped, and keeps teams iterating towards success.

Unlock your operating system by choosing the "Plus" tier

The 30 Day Product Challenge

Our "Plus" participants get access to a 30-day challenge to put our frameworks into practice, with async guidance.


Over €3.000 in discounts from top PM tools

We're partnering with some of the best Product Management tools out there, and giving you exclusive discounts when you sign up. You'll keep receiving new discounts even after the program.

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Free access to

Unlock for free more than 30 different templates on Notion, Google Docs and Miro, from PRD's to Product Roadmaps, including Process and Leadership templates.

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Access to +90 hours of exclusive Q&A's

Our "Plus" participants get extra hours of live sessions for their cohort-training, and unlock our Speakers' Library with +90 hours of Q&A to leaders from the world's best Tech Companies.

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+1500 people have joined us 😍

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This course is for...

Anyone working around technology

If you work in tech or in a company where digital products are key to its success, then knowing about Product will prepare you for any challenge.

UI/UX designers

Designers and researchers looking to evolve from execution towards product strategy, or design team members looking to work better with PMs, PO's, and product leaders.

Product owners & Project Managers

Anyone working as a PO or managing a project, looking to learn new frameworks, gain knowledge, or acquire the skills to step up.

Software engineers and developers

Engineers and software developers looking to understand the product processes, better work with their PM peers or simply improve their own product skills.

Entrepreneurs & company leaders

Anyone starting a company, managing an organization, or leading key functional areas where technological and digital products are critical for their future success.

Anyone looking to change their career

One of the fastest career tracks right now is product management. This is a great place to start if you're looking to change industry, job, or simply need a new challenge.

Past guests led some of the best products in the world

Every week you get to hear an exclusive live-streamed Q&A with an industry leader or seasoned PM. Hear insights and ask questions yourself.

We're making product accessible

The best way to change the world is to make product management knowledge accessible and affordable.

  • Basic

    Limited spots available
    (+ VAT)
    • ✓
      8 hours of Live Product sessions
    • ✓
      +3 hours of Live Lunch & Learn with Industry Experts
    • ✓
      Access to +1500 members product slack community
    • ✓
      Statement of Accomplishment
  • Plus

    Limited spots available
    (+ VAT)
    • ✓
      8 hours of Live Product sessions
    • ✓
      +3 hours of Live Lunch & Learn with Industry Experts
    • ✓
      Access to +1500 members product slack community
    • ✓
      Statement of Accomplishment
    • ✓
      Get the Live Session Recordings (unlimited time) ℹ️
      If you miss a session, or want to review the content, you can with the Live Session Recordings.
    • ✓
      30-day Product Challenge with guidance template
    • ✓
      Free access to everything on
    • ✓
      Access to Speakers' Gallery w/ +90 hours of exclusive interviews
    • ✓
      Access to +€3.000 in Product Tools discounts
    • ✓
      Fast-tracking priority for other One Month PM programs

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