Becoming Head of Product

Going from Product Manager to leading a product area and other PMs isn't easy. We want to prepare you for that. A 30-day live-streamed course shaping you to become tomorrow's Product Leader.

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Meet your course instructor

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VP of Product at Kitch (acquired by Glovo), leading Product Management, Product Design, Research, Product Ops and co-leading Engineering. Invited Professor of Product Management at Católica Lisbon. Operator at Founder of One Month PM. Former Head of Product at Uniplaces, VC-backed digital student housing marketplace, and ex-Google. Product advisor at accelerators, startups, universities and outstanding operators. 

Andre Albuquerque

What we're covering in our Product Leadership sessions

  • Stepping into the Head of Product role

    Understand the difference between a PM and a Head of Product, role expectations, the dynamics of managing PMs & what success means at this level.

  • Managing stakeholders, management & founders

    Understand how to become a valuable partner to founders, stakeholders, leaders and peers, and work alongside them to build a successful go-to-market.

  • Building a Product Vision & Strategy

    Understand how to design an ambitious product vision that motivates everyone around you, and a strategy that makes that vision a reality.

  • Setting Goals and Objectives

    Understand how to use OKRs and other KPIs to make your team accountable, and how to connect them to your product strategy.

  • Managing cross functional teams

    Understand how to manage a product team within cross-functional setups, how to manage PMs and getting teams to work together.

  • Designing, organising & evolving teams

    Understand team topology, processes that make your product delivery successful, and tools that help you have the visibility of what's working.

  • Budgeting, hiring & onboarding PMs

    Understand the process of managing your hiring budget, finding & hiring PMs, and successfully onboarding them into your product organisation.

  • Mentoring and coaching your PMs

    Understand how to give feedback, design one-on-one's with your team, manage their career and measure their success.

Equipping you to the next level with Live Workshops

  • ✨Workshop✨

    Live Roleplaying Session

    Join a 60-minute session focused on training for real-life inspired scenarios that you'll tackle as a Head of Product.

  • ✨Workshop✨

    Prepare for Promotion

    Join a 60-minute session focused on preparing your narrative for the upcoming promotion cycle, and fill your Exec Canvas.

Past guests led some of the best products in the world

Join our weekly Lunch & Learns where a product leader shares insights about the role and how to succeed. Find some of our past guests below, from companies like Uber, Netflix, Google, Facebook, Twitter & more.

Introducing the product leaders' Talent Collective

Every company knows hiring product leaders is hard. We're bringing together tomorrow's Product Leaders. Participants of the program receive an invite to join the Collective.

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Building your Head of Product Operating System

Every program participant accesses a set of tools and communities to superpower their future role.

Another product leader, one message away

Every Head of Product has questions, and wisdom. Joining our program offers you an invite to a members-only WhatsApp group alongside other product leaders, getting answers when necessary, and offering help when requested, strengthening every product organisation we lead.

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An evergrowing library to power up your leadership

Stepping into the Head of Product role can be overwhelming. What if you could get some help? Joining the program opens access to a library of Notion templates that help accelerate you and your execution. Focus on what matters, get guided like the best.

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+1500 people have joined us

 See what they have to say about our programs

An invite to high potential future product leaders

If you're an experienced product builder, senior member of a product organisation or a leader of a tech company, this program might be exactly what you need.

Are you a PM, PO or Project Manager?

A program designed for product owners, product managers or tech leaders looking to learn the skills to grow into a product leadership role.

Are you a senior engineer or product designer?

A program built for members of a product team who show leadership traits and look to step up and take a more active management role.

Are you an entrepreneur or company leader?

A program created for any leader who wants to build & manage a product team the right way, that ships great software consistently.

What's the price?

15 hours of Live intense training in 4 weeks.

  • Limited to 20 selected participants
    (+ VAT)
    • ✓
      10 hours of product leadership sessions
    • ✓
      3 hours of Live Lunch & Learn with Industry Experts
    • ✓
      ✨2 hours Live Workshops✨
    • ✓
      Get the Live Session's recordings for unlimited time
    • ✓
      Invite to the Product Leaders Talent Collective
    • ✓
      Free access to everything on
    • ✓
      Access to the invite-only product leaders WhatsApp group
    • ✓
      Statement of Head of Product Readiness
    • ✓
      Access to Speakers' Gallery w/ +90 hours of exclusive interviews
    • ✓
      Join a +1500 slack community
    • ✓
      Access to +€3.000 in Product Tools discounts

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