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What is Growth for Product Managers by One Month PM?

A 30-day live-streamed course covering all you need to master growth and accelerate your product management skills. From the basics of growth marketing to acquisition loops, monetisation and measuring success. Join the program to learn from real examples with practical knowledge, and extend your PM skills (or become a Growth Product Manager).

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Meet your course instructor

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Head of Growth at Rows, the next generation spreadsheet for developing business tools. Ex-Head of Product at Veniam and early Product Manager at Talkdesk. Avid reader, writes reviews of great non-fiction books at betaglyph.com.

Henrique Cruz

Check the course program

  • Week 1

    Growth 101

    This week you'll learn the steps to building the core driver of a growth engine. You'll understand how to map use cases, pick your retention metric, and find your organic loop.

  • Week 2

    Acquisition loops

    This week will be all about customer acquisition. You'll understand the 3 core loops that (Viral, Content and Paid) and how to validate which strategy fits your product.

  • Week 3


    This week you'll learn the core components of a successful monetization strategy. We will deep dive on pricing, the model-friction spectrum, model-channel fit and how to measure your monetization performance.

  • Week 4

    Measuring Growth

    This week you'll learn how to measure your growth model. You'll understand how to build cohorts to understand user retention, which KPIs to pick to assess if your growth loops are working, and look at how other companies measure growth.

  • Week 2/3

    Challenge Session 1

    In this mid-course challenge, you'll get your hands dirty. We'll send you a case study about a company, a spreadsheet with data and a set of growth questions to analyze. In the challenge session we will go through your analysis, present our solution to the case, and discuss other approaches. It will be a great chance to apply the concepts from the first 2 weeks.

  • Week 4

    Challenge Session 2

    The next challenge session will be a build up from the first. Same company, different challenges. This time the challenge will focus on Monetization and Metrics. Having completed the 4 weeks of the course, your growth mindset will be (even) sharper! This session will be the perfect way to wrap up the course.

Upgrade and unlock expert sessions

Choose the "A little extra" tier and join 4 additional sessions (3 hours) with industry experts in exclusive fireside chats.

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Join 3 hours of live Q&A with Product leaders

Past guests have led product & growth at Meta, Tesla, Stripe, Google and more...
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Access +50 hours of past Q&As, only at One Month PM

Listen to more than 50 fireside chats on Product, Engineering, Design and more...

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This course is for...

Anyone working around technology

If you work in tech or in a company where growth is driven by product (and the main focus), then knowing about product will prepare you for any challenge.

Data analysts and scientists

People interested in how business strategy affects what needs to be measured, and learn new concepts and tactics to apply at work.

Product owners & Project Managers

Anyone working as a PO or managing a project, looking to learn new frameworks, gain knowledge, or acquire the skills to step up.

(Growth) Marketers

Anyone working in acquiring customers, and marketing to users and who want to learn the growth mindset applied by the best tech companies in the world

Entrepreneurs & company leaders

Anyone starting a company, managing an organization, or leading key functional areas where technological and digital products are critical for their future success.

Anyone looking to change their career

One of the fastest career tracks right now is product management. This is a great place to start if you're looking to change industry, job, or simply need a new challenge.

Growth, at everyone's reach

We believe the best way to change the world is to make product management knowledge accessible and affordable. With Growth by One Month PM you don't need to break the bank.

  • Original

    Limited spots available
    • ✓
      10 hours of Growth sessions
    • ✓
      Hands-on feedback
    • ✓
      Challenge sessions
    • ✓
      Statement of accomplishment
  • A little extra

    Limited spots available
    • ✓
      10 hours of Growth sessions
    • ✓
      Hands-on feedback
    • ✓
      Challenge sessions
    • ✓
      Statement of accomplishment
    • ✓
      +3 hours of Lunch & Learn with Industry Experts
    • ✓
      Access to Speakers Gallery w/ 50+ hours of exclusive interviews

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