Is your company looking to build better digital products?

With our One Day Program, you can train your entire team on the foundations of product management and building digital products. 

Build like the best.

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What is the One Day Program by One Month PM?

In our 8-hour full day intensive program we cover the core concepts, frameworks and methodologies used by the best companies in the world to build and manage digital products. From the role of a PM, to discovering what to build, and through the best processes, you'll equip your team with the skills to build products like the best.

We've trained people from these companies

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Here's everything we'll cover

  • Part I

    The role of Product Management

    In Part I we cover the role of Product Management and PMs in an empowered organisation, how to create functional stakeholder relationships, and how to set the foundations for good product decision-making.

  • Part II

    Understanding and validating user discovery

    In Part II we cover what customer discovery is, how to run prototyping and testing processes and how to get to your MVP. You'll discover how to prioritize and decide what features to build.

  • Part III

    Vision, Strategy & Roadmapping

    In Part III we cover the main concepts and frameworks to design a product vision, build a product strategy, and understand the secret sauce to organise your product roadmap, communicate it and execute it.

  • Part IV

    Measuring the success of decisions

    In Part IV we cover the four main methods to measure success and act upon your data and insights, iterating on your strategy and roadmap.

  • πŸ’‘ Live Discussions

    During the day we'll highlight specific discussion topics, and customise them to the key challenges of the company and individual teams.

  • ⛏️ Work Sessions

    Every participant joins our full-day MIRO challenge, applying the frameworks in a simulated environment, aimed at increasing content retention and clearing practical doubts.

Here's what our participants say

This program is perfect for...

Project Management Teams

For teams who've been tackling some of the hardest problems and projects in the company, and are now looking to upskill into the continuous process of building digital products.

Marketing Teams

For teams who are in charge of positioning and communicating the product, and who are looking to better understand how to build (and contribute to) these same products.

IT / Development Teams

For teams who are developing and shipping the software behind the product, and who are now looking to upskill their own contributions in the decision-making process.

Operations Teams

For teams who deal with customers and partners, bringing the products to them, who are now looking to have a stronger say in (and understanding of) the product process.

Finance Teams

For teams who are in charge guaranting a return-positive outcome out of every decision, who now want to upgrade their contributions to the product decision-making process.

Anyone building new things

For any team that has the ambition of building new products, initiatives and processes, innovating out of the "status quo" and delivering better-than-ever results.

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