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The best introductory course worldwide you can find about Product Management!

Pedro Coelho Silva, January 2021

An explosion of knowledge and inspiration. Mandatory stop for PMs at any point in their career.

Gaya Correia, January 2021

An entire delicious meal, on a single spoon. A whole world of a PM, from roadmaps to research, efficiency to efficacy, design to delivery, in an intense but fun sprint. A taste, of the life of a PM.

Álvaro Bezerra, January 2021

It was an intense and straightforward way of getting up to speed with the fundamentals of Product from a perspective that is future proof and is oriented towards success.

Paulo Fonseca, January 2021

In One Month PM, André was able to take the group through a very dynamic PM framework backed up by loads of good examples and high quality references. As a UX Designer this course gave me the knowledge and confidence I needed to build a stronger and more effective collaboration with my colleagues PMs.

Margarida da Marça, January 2021

A fantastic, customer-centric, course that teaches the main responsibilities and goals of a Product Manager.The course is extremely well structured, with a clear narrative and accompanying team challenge, and is comprehensible by people of all backgrounds and Product expertise levels!It was a great experience and awesome value for money, with a great social cause of developing more product thinkers! 

Francesco Gatta, January 2021

A one-month learning experience with the right balance between learning how to define the right things to build and knowing how to build them rightly.

David Carril, January 2021

I am 100% satisfied with the One Month PM course.It can help one get the PM basics, but more importantly, it can help set up a PO/PM community.Congratulations, André!

Rafael Almeida, January 2021

Great experience, wrapped up in 4 weeks. The content is very detailed and applied to the real life situations w/ great speakers during L&L.

José Alves, January 2021

Engaging, inspiring and fun! Didn't expect so many learnings that can also be applied to non-tech products and that I already applied in my company

Aimara Geissler, January 2021

A great combination of practical and theoretical sessions led by André, combined with inspiring guests. Eager to participate in the next edition! 

Francisca Leal, January 2021

As a growth marketer working in a SaaS company focused on product-led growth couldn't be happier for taking this course.

Joao Ribeiro, January 2021

As a student I always had a hard time going through theoretical lessons as I'd get bored quite easily. OMPM didn't feel like a boring class though, the pace was just right, the content felt useful and I totally recommend it for people who like me, are starting to dive into the Product world.

Rui Soares, January 2021

Very complete with evidence-based approaches and specially customer-centric. My colleagues, please take this course!

Sofia Almeida, February 2021

As a recent Software Engineer in the industry, Product Management is a discipline I live with it every day but didn't get to learn about until now. With "One Month PM", I can now give feedback on product decisions as an Engineer with a broader context and empathy for the user. I highly recommend it to any engineer wishing to gain more insight into how to plan and measure the success of digital products.

Diogo Redin, February 2021

Sensational program for all people interested in Product Management, regardless of whether you are an expert or a beginner. Great balance between theory, practice and open discussions. Andre has vast knowledge in the area and his great passion for teaching motivates to know more about PM. 

Nicolás Tovar Montoya, February 2021

A unique chance to meet and ask questions to amazing Product Managers that work in top companies around the world. Totally worth it.

Fábio Domingues, February 2021

I think it was a helpful course not only for entry level but also people with 1-2 Years of Experience in product manager. It was very light and succinct in which I found great.
The coolest part was definitely the lunch where you get to meet great product leaders and understand how they work.
Had a good time!

Alexandre Pinheiro, February 2021

I really loved the One Month PM course and I advise everyone that has the opportunity to attend to go! It's just perfect for people who have worked as PM before and for new PMs as the course gives you the foundations overview but also interviews with very interesting and inspirational people in the PM world! 

Marta Peralta, February 2021

Great overview of what is a "project management". the program covers only highlights of some very macro topics and from there, the Speaker creates a safe atmosphere for an open discussion.

The program is super organized, the timing is perfect and have to say the Speaker André really knows what he's doing. Have sense of humor, knows how to explain everything.

2 hours that simply pass without you noticed. 

Pedro Franco Caiado, February 2021

As a junior PM, One Month PM was excellent for cementing knowledge and learning new angles on product management. It was also an excellent networking opportunity for meeting new people with different experiences and opinions.

Diana Lopes, February 2021

One Month PM is the product management course I wish every team I work with in the fields of innovation and digital products had taken.

Sara Aguiar, February 2021

A great opportunity to share experiences and meet people with a common goal: understand Customers' real problems and focus on solving them.

Paula Acúrcio, February 2021

A must-do for every aspiring entrepreneur! Combines useful theoretical frameworks and insights from amazing product professionals!

Edgar Alves, February 2021

Brilliantly insightful on how to tackle product management within a structured and assertive work culture, in today's challenging business world

Catarina Bourgard, February 2021

Awesome energy and pace! Definitely a go-to for early-stage founders working closely or leading product teams.

Pedro Cruz Morais, February 2021

Captivating and Awesome! Highly recommended to anyone who is currently/ wants to become a PM!

Elain W., February 2021

Comprehensive course - André does a great job at linking industry examples and his own experience with the topics. Highly recommended if you want to transition from and adjacent discipline to Product Management.

Tome Verissimo, March 2021

An amazing journey of discovery, testing and delivering!

Tiago Rodas, March 2021

The Product Manager Foundations course highlights exactly what it takes to become a great PM, helping you figure out what strengths and experiences you can leverage in a product position — as well as the areas where you need the most improvement. Definitely recommend it. 

João Pena, March 2021

Great program with core and up-to-date aspects of product management, André is awesome with a lot of insight in the matter! Great fun!

Miguel Gomes, March 2021

onemonthPM training is just like a PM life: Challenging, dynamic and fun. André goes from A-Z on PM, brushing through the most critical matters, always illustrating his statements with bright and clear examples. His experience enables him to easily answer to every question you have, no matter how challenging it is. Whether you are a PM or want to know how it looks like, this is the experience to have.

José Fontaínhas, March 2021

A fantastic overview of Product Management. André distills the theories of PM while bringing very relevant examples and personal experiences into the discussions. Highly recommended.

João Castro, April 2021

André has contagious energy! He brought a lot of knowledge and good content into this experience, with also a really good list of speakers. It was awesome to hear the different personal experiences! Thank you for everything!

Ana Catarina Costa, April 2021

After accidentally becoming a Product Manager, One Month PM gave me the right direction for me to really start acting as a PM.

Nuno Santos, April 2021

Such a great experience! The one month timeframe really makes it easy to fit into any crazy schedule and offers a wild batch of information that really gets you thinking.

Jess, June 2021
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